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Since inception, we have grown 300% year on year, and are proud to be the only ‘multi-city’ professional co-host for Airbnb. We now operate in 18 cities, earn our hosts more than £600k each month over 2000+ bookings and are growing at over 300% each year. Four years of trading and millions invested in operations and technology has lead to Pass the Keys developing a bespoke and scaleable property management framework, which we are now making available to partners. With a franchise success rate of 100%, we are now recruiting for partners across the UK to join the family.

What you get from being a partner.

For entrepreneurs new to property management, together we can grow a market leading brand in one of the most exciting emerging economies for this sector. Pass the Keys partners receive full access to the PTK tech, operations, training, branding and marketing support; automatically benefit from the support of the Airbnb Professional Co-Hosting program; and join the UK’s leading short-let management company.

Manage your team & operations using our proprietary technology.

We offer 3 key products to help you manage your short-letting operations. Our mobile app PTK Plus is a tasking and operations app that enables an account manager to ensure all jobs are completed adequately. Our Client Portal enables our clients to manage their listings & PTK Connect enables all account managers and city managers to stay on top of the whole process.

Scale your business efficiently using our data tested operations manual.

Managing hundreds of properties and thousands of stays is hard work. We save you the complexities of managing dozens of service providers, hundreds of check-ins and thousands of inquiries and messages every week by providing you with a tried and tested operations manual, that will enable you to dramatically increase the size of your portfolio, without having the increase in your fixed cost.

Get ahead of the competition by leveraging our own brand and marketing.

We start you off with our in-person training. Together we build your city-specific marketing plan and give you all the materials and tools necessary to market the service. We help you build an effective sales pitch and work with you to optimize your sales conversion. You will get all the benefits of operating under Pass the Keys brand, which has the highest rating on Google and Trustpilot and is one of the very few global Airbnb partners.

Some benefits of being a Pass the Keys franchise.

You can get the full information once you get on a call with us but here are the few key benefits you get from being a Pass the Keys franchise.

Full Training & Induction into the world of short-let management

We will provide intensive training and resources to both you and your team to ensure that you can hit the ground running when you launch.

Account Management and support from Headquarters

You’ll receive direct & ongoing support from our Headquarters in London which should help you quickly resolve minor or major issues.

Exclusive access to marketing advice and resources

You’ll gain exclusive advice on how to run your marketing effectively and how to utilize our brand to increase the number of clients you can get.


Read some glowing reviews from a few of our franchisees in the UK.

Chris - Belfast Franchisee

I joined Pass the Keys because I knew that there was a massive opportunity for short-let property management in Belfast thanks to the Airbnb phenomenon. I wanted to work for myself and build up my own business, and coming from a sales background in a travel company, I didn’t realise how much my past experience would help me. At the start, finance was a minefield for me but the training I got was amazing. I’ve been offered further training and get a lot of help in the day-to-day running of things like sales, finance and marketing. The hard work that it takes to become an Airbnb professional co-host is already done and the cogs are already in place to be successful!

Joe - Windsor Franchisee

The Pass the Keys’ tech blew my mind, it was insane! The team continuously developing it are doing such a great job and you can tell that everyone within the company puts in a lot of effort. I’m now 6 months in and the business model that they showed me at the start is really being proven. I’ve found that for me, taking on 2 or 3 bed properties is the sweet spot when it comes to balancing profit and workload. I see a lot of potential from this type of property in my territory so I’m really excited for the future, I’d even consider taking on another territory!

Ben - Cardiff Franchisee

With Pass the Keys, business is good! I wasn’t expecting the Franchise to be performing as well as it has been. I’m now aiming to manage 200 properties by the end of year 5. It wouldn't be possible without Pass the Keys’ inhouse tech. It gives you all the tools to start your own business, in a way that third party tech can’t match. Pass the Keys offers great support alongside this; they’re professional, friendly, and always there to speak to if you need any help. As a Franchisee I can apply my past experience in sales and marketing, whilst also being my own boss. I’d recommend the PTK Franchise to anyone else who wants this degree of control, has an interest in the property industry, and works hard: if you put in the effort, you’ll make it a success!

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