Pass the Keys is the UK's leading short-let management company. We offer an expert Airbnb and short let management service across the UK. Since inception, we have grown 300% year on year, and are proud to be the only 'multi-city' professional co-host for Airbnb. We now operate in  11 cities, earn our hosts more than £500k each month over 1000+ bookings and are growing at over 300% each year.

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Three years of trading, and millions invested into operations and technology has lead to Pass the Keys developing a bespoke and scaleable property management framework, which we are now making available to partners.  

Using the PTK Tech, Ops and Community, any independent operator can remove the roadblocks to growth, and fast track their journey to success in both short and long-let property management.

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The Airbnb professional co-hosting programme is a key benefit of the Pass the Keys service to our clients. In essence it means we are supported by, and in constant communication with the $40bn giant in a mutually beneficial relationship. In an industry largely controlled by one company, having the support of this company is essential in our eyes. From marketing support, to logo, API access and new products, we are proud to be the largest professional co-host in the world. 

There are two options open to any new partner:


For property management professionals who are established and growing. Our Service Partners are powered by PTK, and utilise our technology and community to reach the next level of growth.  

Partners benefit from PTK Tech, Operations & Community



For entrepreneurs new to Property Management.
Pass the Keys franchisees receive full access to the PTK tech, operations, training, branding and marketing support; automatically benefit from the support of the Airbnb Professional Co-Hosting program; and join the UK's leading short-let management company. 





The PTK Platform Partnership is best suited for entrepreneurs who have already got started in the short-letting world. With a brand and customer acquisition strategy already in place, our Service Partners use the PTK Tech to unblock the path to growth, consult the team on operational strategy, and lean on the community for help, advice, and support. The offer can be broken down into three distinct segments:




Over the past three years, Pass the Keys has been investing in the technology necessary to operate at massive scale.

PTK Plus is a tasking and operations mobile app that enables an account manager to ensure all necessary jobs are completed, checklist-ed, and photographed, for every stay.

Our Client Portal enables all our clients to check on and manage their listing without the need to call the office.
PTK Connect enables all account managers and city managers to stay on top of the whole process. From messaging and pricing, to accounting and reporting. 


Managing hundreds of properties and thousands of stays is hard work. With dozens of service providers, hundreds of check ins, and thousands of enquiries and messages every week, short-let management can quickly become a very complex and time-consuming business.  

Our operations manual is on offer to all PTK Service Partners, enabling them to benefit from the countless hard lessons we have learned from over the years. 

From best advice on choosing service providers, insights on how to manage linen delivery, and advice on how to join Airbnb's professional co-hosting program,  we aim to create a shared library of insights for all our partners.


Account Management

Being self-employed can be a lonely and confusing business.  

As members of the PTK Family, our partners benefit from access to a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

 From sharing tips and ideas, to supporting each other in the stressful times, we recognise the importance of having a team you can rely on.  

PTK host Quarterly National meet-ups, weekly conference calls, and daily messages with all our city managers, to ensure we are all pulling in the same direction, are taking advantage of lessons learned, and performing as efficiently and effective. 




For those entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey, a full PTK Franchise enables our partners to get started from scratch. Beginning with our "3 Years in 3 Weeks" in-person training, our franchisees are first up-skilled in the ways of short-let management, and then trained on all the different elements of the PTK Tech. 


Full Training & Induction into the world of short-let management


Account Management and support from Headquarters


Access to marketing advice and resource

Book Keeping

Bookkeeping, accounts & reporting support.


Market Leading technology

Total Ownership of your territory



Please submit your information to us using this form. Every partner has an account manager, and your account manager will be in touch shortly to have an initial conversation to answer any initial questions and assess suitability on both sides.






Pass the Keys is a new kind of Property Management Company. The UKs largest Professional Co-Host we list properties on platforms like Airbnb, so the owners don’t have to. Offering a fully-managed service, we even find, manage, and clean up after our clients guests.

Founded in 2016 by Alexander Lyakhotskiy, PTK now operates in 11 cities, and is growing at 300% year on year. With HQ in London, we now have a presence all over the UK, and will soon start expanding internationally.